Creation of the Universe

Location: Saarland Museum
Date: June 2018
Type: Projection, Acryl
Nadiya Morenko – Concept, Implementation
Pascale Bohl – Concept, Implementation
Kaori Nomura – Music
HBK Saar – Techincal Support

This project was very experimental. Pascale and I let acrylic paint flow over a glass plate and filmed it. Later, we analyzed the results and tried to interpret them and found a way to let the paint flow the way we imagined it.

It starts with a white light stretching across the facade, followed by red lines rising from earth. This creates embers, which are then flooded by an ocean. The water makes its way and suddenly growth begins. Pipes transport the water. The kiss of the bacteria and the overgrowth form the end of the project.

The abstract representation of the origin of the universe leaves much room for interpretation. Since you don’t have to get involved with concrete symbols (such as text, graphics, etc.), you can give your imagination free space and simply let what happened come to you. Your own confused and dancing thoughts can then connect with the projection. The connection creates new connections, which in turn can be seen as the emergence/expansion of the inner universe.

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