Podcast Morenko Geschichten

Location: Home
Date: 2021
Nadiya Morenko – Concept, Storytelling, Producing

You can find the podcast on spotify, google podcasts and youtube.

I give emotions a voice
to solve philosophical questions.

I created a podcast to read the short stories I wrote.

Each story is about a philosophical topic, intensivley inspired by people and landscapes around me. Everytime I meet a new fascinating person, oder see an interesting environment, a story comes to my mind.

Short episodes. In german. Written for every age.

In each story, I try to understand the world around me a little bit more. I also create a picture and animation for each story to transport the visual idea behind it.

1. Story: Sonnenblumenpigmente

Topic: Unconditional Love

The first episode is about agape, selfless love. I tell the story of a sunflower that grows up and falls in love with the world :). Then I’ll talk about love and ego in general.

2. Story: Der Feuerprinz

Topic: Projection

In this episode I will read you the story of the Fire Prince and his encounter with water. Then I talk about our perceptions of the other person.

3. Story: Die Amsel

Topic: Opinions

In this episode I will read you the story of the Fire PThis episode tells the story of a little bird and her home, a big tree.

4. Story: Alte Hexe

Topic: Good and Bad

In this episode I will read you the story of the Fire PThis eIs there such a thing as good and bad? Is something ever completely one or the other? With the story „Old Witch“ I wanted to tell a true story with my words.

5. Story: Ein Hauch von Nichts

Topic: Ease

Float and enjoy is the theme of today’s episode.

6. Story: Sie ist Wasser. Er ist Sein.

Topic: Opposites and similarities

This episode is about relationships. What is better? To have someone by your side who acts like an antithesis, or someone who is similar? I just wanted to throw a few thoughts about it loosely into the room.

7. Story: Tagebuch einer Spinne

Topic: Finding an end

Should a spider keep a journal?

8. Story: Hülle

Topic: consciousness

Das Bewusstsein ist am Ende unerklärlich. Und doch versuchen wir es immer wieder zu greifen. Genau wie wir versuchen unsere Bewusstseinszustände zu verstehen. Dann versuchen wir mal darüber zu reden…

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