World of Wishes

Location: Saarbrücken Castle
Date: July 2015
Nadiya Morenko – Concept, Animation
Dominik Bergum – Programming
HBK Saar – Technical Support

Wishes. a topic that doesn’t really play a major role in our society, although it is precisely this topic that should be in the foreground and serve as a guideline for all of us.

We illuminated a castle with a universe and shooting stars. The ‚appearance‘ of the shooting stars was determined by the visitors. They could use their smartphones to (anonymously) send messages, which immediately glide over the facade as a text shooting star.

This project was for all those who wanted to express themselves anonymously and show their inner self; it served as a platform for thoughts, wishes or even conversations. At the same time it was also for those who were not aware of their wishes. By observing a variety of different desires, they were brought closer to this topic and encouraged to reflect.

Over a tousend messages were sent to the fassade.
Want to see the wishes? Check out the video:

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