Location: Bosener Mühle, Art Center in Nohfelden
Date: September 2016
Nadiya Morenko – Animation, Performance
Bernd Matthias – Music

Rötel is a reddish-brown colour that was used for cave painting thousands of years ago. It can still be found today in certain areas under the earth.

For this project I took a very playful, improvisational approach. Using the facts about Rötel, I was able to create an abstracted projection that I could interact with. I tried to feel the colour, I danced with it and showed it to the audience. Meanwhile, Bernd Matthias accompanied me with the piano, transforming my emotions into sounds.

Fun fact: I didn’t even realize that someone was filming. That’s how much I enjoyed being in the moment.

More Information: https://www.bosener-muehle.de/veranstaltungen/archiv/9-fotografie/138-roetelreich

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