Interactive Table

Location: Museum Villa Borg
Year: permanent exhibition since March 2018
Type: Installation, Projection, Kinect, Animation
Nadiya Morenko: Concept, Texturing, 2D Animation, Postproduction
Pascal Klein: Modelling, Texturing, 3D Animation
Benedigt Gillenberg: Programming
Jasper Foertsch & Sebastian Rüstig: Productdesign
Michael Schmitz & Hannes Käfer & Edgar Brück: Coordination
Leo Kwandt: Music

The Roman Villa Borg is an archaeological open-air museum showing excavations and reconstructions of an excavated Roman villa. An interactive table model was designed and built for their media room. A ceiling projector throws an image onto the model and 8 RFID readers are mounted under the table so that it is possible to see which RFID chip (e.g. under a figure) is in which position.

The table is a miniature model of the villa. It also shows houses (around the villa) that have not yet been restored. Projected are the inhabitants of these houses who happily walk around and chat. You can interact with those individuals by holding your hand over a person.  When you place a figure in front of a house, the inner life of that house is revealed to you in the form of a video. The houses have turned out to be e.g. stables, blacksmiths, pottery etc.. 7 Videos were created for this project.

I created the story concept for each video, textured the 3D Environment and did the post production part.

Later, I worked on the concept, animation and projection mapping for the interactive talbe.

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