The Phenomenon

Location: Saarbrücken Castle
Date: July 2016
Nadiya Morenko – Story, Animation, Performance
Nelly Süßenguth – Dress
Leo Kwandt – Music
HBK Saar – Technical Support

This project consists out of 4 main elements: animation, performance, Sound, and light art. It tells a story of the experience of a dream.

The Phenomenon is a transmedial silent concert. Visitors sit inside the inner courtyard of the Saarbrücker castle wearing headphones and experiencing the magic of the combination of projection, sound and performance.

Standing on the balcony, I showed the audience my dreams, the fusion of reality and my perception. They heard me wispering and screaming. Sounds fitting my reactions, movements fitting the projections. A choreopraphy, which linked the differend media together.

Together with a fashion designer, we made a glowing dress fitting the scenario. She sew the dress, I made it glow afterwards with over 300 LEDs. The story and the musik were slicky recorded and produced at a recording studio. To catch my dreams while they were fresh, we recorded at 4 am, right after my alarm clock rang, to get the right emotions into the voice.

Making of video:

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