Location: Academy of Fine Arts Saarbrücken
Date: July 2018
Nadiya Morenko – Concept, Animation, Sound
Burkhard Detzler – Supervisor

This project is a first impression cry of my inner life. Like a dream that is reflected in all directions and tries to get from the inner, to the outer reality. The individual beads symbolize individual blood cells and together they form blood vessels. For the production I used 3.6 kilograms of glass beads, which is equivalent to 8 percent of my body weight, which also corresponds to the blood volume of my body. Conductive thread was used to unite the beads.

Zeropoint is a walk-in sound installation with special reference to haptics and sensor technology. The viewer enters the interior of the vein room through a pearl shower. The individual veins react to the touches of the people with different sounds. Thus, on the way to the innermost point, an individual sound orchestra is created, tied to the sense of touch. The further one goes inwards, the shorter the veins become, so that when one arrives inside, one no longer touches any veins and thus finds one’s way back to silence.

Over 20 friends helped me create the pearl veins for this project.

This project was my diploma thesis.
Ask me if you want to hear the story behind zeropoint.

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