The Bomb

Location: Academy of FIne Arts Saarbrücken
Year: february 2017
Type: Game, Projection, Kinect
Nadiya Morenko: Concept, Animation
Benedikt Gillenberg: Programming (Unity)
Fabian Mohr: Programming (Processing)
HBK Saar – Techincal Support

The Bomb is an interactive, multimedia, social experiment – profanely expressed: a game.
In the media theatre, four players are thrown into a scenario in which they have to protect a bomb from the countermeasures of the art academy’s security system. As an incentive, the promise of salvation is given that the bomb will destroy the HBK and thus free all students from their unbearable burden of studying.

And so the players gather around the bomb to intercept the projectiles falling from the walls and heading for the bomb, with lines emerging between them on the ground. The audience took on this task quite naturally, without even once asking the question why one should stay in the immediate vicinity of a bomb until it explodes.

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