Interactive Tangrami

Location: Uist 2018 Berlin
Date: October 2018
Nadiya Morenko – Concept, Product Design
Michael Wessely – Concept, Programming

Interactive Tangramis are paper-folded and reusable building blocks  that can contain various sensor input and visual output capabilities. We presented this project as a demo paper at Uist 2018 in Berlin.

We propose a digital design toolkit that lets the user plan the shape and functionality of a design piece. The software manages the communication to the physical artifact and streams the interaction data to an application prototyping system. The building blocks are fabricated digitally with a rapid ink-jet printing method.  Our systems allows to prototype physical user interfaces within minutes and with out knowledge of the underlying technologies.

The tangrami dress, a prototype I made with our tools, was also presented at the „Peter und Luise Hager-Preis“ Exhibition in Saarbrücken.

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